How do you live a stylish life? How do you incorporate good design in your everyday life? Is there such a thing as bad design?

From August to September, we turn the spotlight to all things stylish — from our sophisticated design books to our artsy stationery. And who better to embody this than bag designer, fashion maven and multi-tasking mother, Amina Aranaz-Alunan? Just talking to her is enough to inspire anyone to live more creatively.

We sat down with her to talk about about how she came to be in the fashion industry, her design aesthetic, and living stylishly. Amina has been living and breathing fashion since she was small; however, she’s quick to point out that style is not out of reach. Anyone can draw inspiration from their surroundings, select what they like, and create a style that is their own.

In the coming months, Amina and SoFA will help us wade through the numerous style options we have, find something, and make it ours. Style is her story, and it can be yours too.

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