A knack for color, signature shapes and illustrations, and chockfull of inspiration are just a few phrases that describe Kitkat Pecson’s design. We first took notice of the 21-year-old’s work when she labored over a rendition of Westeros and Essos in A Map of Ice and Fire. Kitkat confesses that her design was an inaccurate depiction of George R.R. Martin’s world, but the work put into making it was undoubtedly from a big fan of the universe he created. Just recently, she drew inspiration from the stories she had read from her younger years and created Imagine Nation, a map of where those tales would have been set.

A Map of Ice and Fire
Close-ups of Imagine Nation


A self-confessed book geek, Kitkat first took to pages when she was a young girl moving from home to home every few years. With a father whose work took the family from Davao to Chicago to Africa, the artist sought company in the books and stories that she could take with her from place to place.

“Books don’t do everything for you. You have to work to enjoy it,” she says, explaining how her love for fiction and fantasy started. Reading helped her imagine new worlds that writers invented, and helped her design them herself. “Flipping through the pages stimulated my imagination,” she explains.


Meet the maven behind the maps!


Today, we catch up with Kitkat, her book recommendations and influences, and she gives us a little hint about what she’s been working on for fellow book geeks!


With Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman and J.R.R. Tolkien, sci-fi and fantasy rule Kitkat’s book nook.
Terry Pratchett is on Kitkat’s top author list! She loves how he includes paragraph after paragraph of the cultural aspects of the world he creates in his titles.  “I love how sci-fi and fantasy explore the world they tell us about,” she adds.
Artemis Fowl, anyone? :)
A few favorites and current reads.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Kitkat’s favorite book from the Harry Potter series! She explains, “It’s one of the more adult ones, but it isn’t so depressing.” Is this your favorite from the series as well? :)


Kitkat currently balances her personal projects and freelance work with her design duties at Plus 63. With her talent for color, art and illustration, and an imagination fueled by her favorite authors, Kitkat creates her own world of fantasy to share with us. What’s next on her list of maps to make? Something young adult dystopian fiction fans will enjoy. 🙂


Kitkat’s portfolio!


For more of her work, visit her website at kitkatpecson.com or tweet her @kitkatpecson. 🙂

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