During the past two Saturdays, the SoFA Design Institute held capsule workshops at the Fully Booked Fort branch, giving interested customers a taste of the school’s creative classes. As part of the “Live the Story” campaign focused on style, the workshops tackled two areas of one’s life that require curation: one’s living space and one’s online presence.

While the speakers tackled their respective topics in different ways, what they both touched on and concluded in the end was that in their creative fields, as in most, the stories you find and create along the way are most important. Stories, whether of a designed space or of a product or of an experience you want to talk about, are inescapable. They are everywhere, and it is the job of a designer, of a writer, to narrate it.

Interior Styling instructor Gwyn Guanzon briefly discusses the color wheel.

During the first workshop, we ventured into the world of Interior Styling with Real Living magazine’s former Creative Director Gwyn Guanzon. The self-confessed non-minimalist let us in on the elements of design that he considers when working with spaces.  He shared the pages of Real Living he had worked on and told us his stories behind each page. Here, we enumerate five points from the workshop:

  1. Take note of the basics of spaces: line, form, shape, color, balance, proportion, variety, movement. Use your design gut to put the elements together. If you feel good about what you’ve composed, you must be doing something right.
  2. Any style is beautiful as long as you achieve it. When committing to a certain aesthetic, commit to it with all your pieces, and you’ll find that you can pull off anything.
  3. When asked for some advice for interior design enthusiasts, Gwyn responds, “Study.” Only then will one be able to learn about and edit his or her style.
  4. Advice for students? “Be exposed. If you can’t go places, read magazines.” It always helps to know what theories and trends are popular in different design meccas around the world.
  5. “The design process is about telling a story.” Gwyn shared that he usually formulates a paragraph or two for his clients, letting them how about his thoughts for the space to design. Think about what moves you about the space. What kind of dynamic are you trying to form with the furniture? This story forms the entire look, and it’s up to you to form the story.
SoFA Interior Design Dean Lisa Salvador and Interior Styling workshop instructor Gwyn Guanzon.

Then, last Saturday, Carla Casanova-Perlas, editor-in-chief of Celebrity Living Magazine, and instructor for Online Journalism in SoFA gave bloggers a few tips on how they can do to improve their online content.

“Bloggers are the new rockstars.” Do you agree?

“Bloggers are the new rockstars,” she said, as she introduced the workshop, emphasizing on how bloggers are watched, looked up to, and thus, open to criticism. How can one curate and regulate her online life to make sure it provides valueable content? Carla enumerated some tips, our favorite five being the following:

  1. While most people keep a blog for their own memories and experiences, others with a wider audience know that their sites are visited for information. They review products; they inform the public about their experience with it. In this way, blogging is a service, a gateway for people to gather information about a place or object. Keep this in mind when you compose each entry. You have a responsibility to your readers to make sure they’re well-informed.
  2. Find the story in every experience. Blogging isn’t just about narrating a product, event, or memory to your audience. In your entries, you are also telling a story. What compels you about this product? How was it created? What inspired the organizers for this event?  What was your personal journey in relation to the brand? These are all stories that provide a different point of view for what you share with your audience.
  3. Provide layers to the story as well! How else can you help other people relate to this story? What other information may be useful for your audience?
  4. Find your own voice, your own personality and create yourself as a brand to find the right market. This helps audiences in finding you, and this helps you as well, in finding content to gather.
  5. Be brave!  Blogging started out as very personal, and your personality should resonate in your content. Write what you know; write what you think. Be sincere, and be accountable for what you say. After all, it’s your blog. It should be about you!
The SoFA Design Institute and Fully Booked teams.

A very special thank you goes out to the SoFA Design Institute team and to the workshop instructors! For more information on the school, and if you would like to inquire about classes, you may visit their channels: http://sofamanila.com/https://www.facebook.com/SoFAcollegehttp://twitter.com/SoFAcollege.

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