Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson universe beckons to young readers once again as the third and latest installment in the Heroes of Olympus series, The Mark of Athena is now available. With that in mind, we decided to do a very fast catch-up entry, to refresh peoples’ memories. Needless to say, this will be rife with spoilers for the first two books. So if you haven’t read those, we advise that you proceed with utmost caution–unless of course, you like spoilers!

The Lost Hero 

The book begins with demi-gods Jason, Leo and Piper unknowingly finding their way to Camp Half-Blood thanks to a showdown against storm spirits and some flying chariots coming to the rescue. Meanwhile, as the book’s title suggests, our hero Percy Jackson is missing. This is a cause for worry for Percy’s friends at New York-based Camp Half-Blood, particularly his girlfriend (and Aphrodite daughter) Annabeth Chase, who searches for him to no avail.

As per suggestion from goddess Hera (a.k.a. Juno) via a vision to Annabeth, amnesia-struck Jason and friends Leo and Piper, having been taken to Camp Half-Blood, must champion the cause of Hera. As the plot progresses, they slowly awaken to their demi-god status (Jason, is in fact the son of Zeus!) and determine to rescue the goddess Hera, who is in need of their saving. As can be expected of a Percy book, thrilling conflicts of mythical proportions unfold, climaxing with the rescue of Hera (a.k.a. Juno). And it is after this great rescue that Jason begins to remember the truth: he is the son of Jupiter, Greek god Zeus’ Roman aspect.

And Percy? It turns out the same thing has happened to him. He is without memory of his past, finding himself in Camp Half-Blood’s Roman counterpart, which lies on the other side of the continental U.S.A., just outside San Francisco. And it turns out, the whole amnesia trip and cosmic exchange program was orchestrated by none other than Hera, who in her wisdom, believed that the switch was a way to get the two camps to work together in order to defeat the goddess Gaea.

End of book one.

The Son of Neptune

The book begins with our favorite demi-god–Poseidon’s son–a memory-deprived Percy Jackson on the run from the Gorgon sisters who are looking for payback for the death of their sister, Medusa at his hands four years ago. Amnesiac Percy, however doesn’t understand the vendetta against him; all he remembers is a name: Annabeth.

To make the long story short, Percy finds his way to Camp Jupiter, the Roman counterpart of the Greek Camp Half-Blood, where he meets fellow demi-gods and new friends Hazel and Frank. Revealing his powers for the first time in this book, Percy defeats the Gorgons. The camp learns he is Neptune’s son via Juno and witness his amazing military prowess. Percy, Hazel and Frank learn they must free Thanatos, the god of death, from captivity in Alaska.

And so the three lead an epic and successful rescue mission to Alaska. And on their journey home, Percy’s memory is restored. Upon their return, they see Camp Jupiter under siege. Percy combats the giant Polybotes, whom he defeats using the head of Terminus’ statue. The book ends with Percy becoming well established as a praetor in Camp Jupiter, where he attempts to mediate a possible alliance with the Greeks–an alliance on which rests the fate of the world. We await the meeting of Percy’s two worlds: Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter.

End of book two.

The Mark of Athena

So here we are. The cast of Olympian heroes is expanding. We still have Percy Jackson, as the centerpiece of the narrative, with a new group of friends that includes Frank and Hazel. And we look forward to their meeting Percy’s ‘family’ from Greek Camp Half-Blood. The union of the Romans and Greeks is an essential alliance to combat the Earth Mother Gaea’s machinations–and did we mention her giants? But will they unite, or will they kill each other? Percy is the important glue that can keep them together. But can he do it?

You’ll have to read the book to find out.

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