You may have noticed that over the past two weeks on the blog, we’ve been talking about renowned and acclaimed artist Kent Williams. This long weekend (Oct 26-29), it reaches a climax as Kent will be holding a solo show at Blanc Gallery at The Manila Peninsula (Oct 26-29), and a book signing and artist’s dialogue at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street (Oct 27).


Kent Williams in Manila


We realized that not all people are very familiar with art shows. So we have prepared a little ‘cheat sheet’ for those who want to venture into art appreciation but don’t know where to begin. 


Step 1: Don’t be intimidated!
The common misconception with art is that it is highfalutin and snobbish; but the very reason certain artists become great is the relevance of their work among masses of ordinary, common people. There is no wrong way to appreciate art if you are a sincere person who respects the art form and its creator, and if you’re trying to enjoy yourself.

Step 2: Survey the territory
Take a stroll around the exhibit and just browse. Think window shopping or scanning over a book. Get the big picture first: how the exhibit looks as a whole

Step 3: Remember the pieces that draw your attention.
As you stroll around, mentally bookmark them. Then, go back to those pieces on your second round.

Step 4: Dwell on the works that you find compelling.
Don’t feel obliged to have a deep opinion about everything. Not all pieces appeal to all people. Keep it real and zero in on the works you feel drawn to. Ask yourself why you feel compelled by a particular piece.

Step 5: View it up close.
Stand one or two paces away. Notice the fine details. Appreciate the hard work that went into it. Marvel.

Step 6: View it from a distance.
Take three or four paces back. See the work as a whole. Take in what it is saying or showing.

Step 7: Form an opinion about a work based on how it makes you feel.
Try not to let outside factors affect your connection to a piece of art. Before you read descriptions and adopt others’ opinions, have your own experience with a work, first. Then understand how the art relates with other people by opening up to outside views, and having discussions.

Step 8: Give other works a second chance.
So you’ve dwelt on a few key pieces that seem to speak to you. You’ve enjoyed a few compelling pieces. Now, if you have the time, be a curious and try to find pieces that you may have overlooked. Repeat the steps with those pieces of art.


Pablo Picasso once said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” It’s a wonderful description to carry along as we venture into art appreciation. So what are you waiting for? Head to an art exhibit, pronto!

Incidentally, we’ve got one coming up, very soon. 😉


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