December is just around the corner and for many bookworms, December means The Hobbit opens! The holiday season has been associated with the J.R.R. Tolkien’s franchise, as the Lord of the Rings films were released during that time some years ago. This year, we’re lucky enough to relive the magic.  Why not express your excitement by dressing up as one of our three-and-a-half-foot friends?

In this blog entry, we draw inspiration from Bilbo Baggins’ costume from The Hobbit. Feel free to customize your costume to fit your favorite Shire local!


Bilbo’s outfit is pretty simple: a priest collar long-sleeved polo with a dark green waistcoat, a maroon jacket and some yellowish trousers that are cut above the ankles. You should be able to obtain these items from an ukay-ukay or from old clothes your mom or older siblings had!

Don’t forget to dirty up the costume with mud stains and dirt, marks of the journey you’ve been on! You can use coffee in liquid and instant powder form to do the clothes-staining (but please don’t expect to be able to use it as good as new after Halloween!). Click here for a tutorial on how to stain using tea and coffee.




No unexpected journey is complete without a cloak and travelling staff. The best kind of cloak would be made of thick material, while the best kind of traveling staff would be a sturdy piece you can lean on.

Don’t forget to bring a little pouch for your food! Hobbits get hungry, after all!





The ears and hairy feet may be the trickiest part of this costume, but they are also what will make it complete. Check out these online guides on how to fashion your own pair of Hobbit feet and ears.


1. Easy: Making Ears with Scotch Tape:

2. With Some Effort: – How to Make Elf Ears which can also be translated to making Hobbit-sized ears, the arts and crafts way!

3. Difficult: (includes making your own set of prosthetic ears)


1. Easy: Using brown thread as hair

2. Difficult: With shoes

Go the extra mile and curl your hair for the costume as well!


Finally, don’t forget the ring! Find a plain gold ring to hang on your finger or around your neck for the party. Don’t lose the precious thing!





There are a lot of other costume-worthy characters in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings universe! Gandalf, Arwen, Galadriel, Legolas… or challenge yourself by completely transforming into an orc or into Gollum!

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