Our last costume concoction for Halloween 2012 is for our favorite detective, Sherlock Holmes! The character made a splash this year, as the feature film franchise starring Robert Downey Jr. released a second installment, and a few modern-day counterparts were produced for television (like BBC’s Sherlock and CBS’ Elementary).

Here, we enumerate a few ingredients to the detective’s unique look, in hopes to give any last-minute fans ideas on how to dress up as the inquisitive phenom we can’t get enough of!


Anyone can put on a trench coat and magnifying glass together to make a detective costume. Make yours stand out by bringing a pipe along with your outfit, as it is one of Sherlock’s staple accessories!



If you want to go all-out for your costume (why not, right? Halloween is only once a year after all!), find an Inverness coat (the kind with a small cape over its shoulders), and a deerstalker hat (the kind with flexible side and back flaps), both pictured above. These can turn your ordinary detective costume into an uncontested incarnation of Sherlock Holmes!

We’ve got a few more last-minute tips for anyone in panic-mode right now. Hope you all have a great Halloween! 🙂

1. If you’re planning to go as Sherlock, get one of your friends to dress up as Dr. Watson! “Couple” costumes can sometimes be more recognizable.

2. Mix some syrup  with red food coloring (and a hint of green to make it darker) for some blood and come as a zombie!

3. Come as your favorite book cover! Hahaha!

4. Inanimate objects can also be fun costumes to concoct. Look online for a few hilarious variations of milk carton costumes and grape costumes.

3. See what the children’s section of our local toy stores have available. Sometimes their extra large or large costumes can fit petite adults too!


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