Neil Gaiman American Gods

Shadow just wants to return to his wife (who calls him Puppy), his old job, live out the rest of his post-prison days in a reasonably quiet manner. Unfortunately, an accident takes her life, and Shadow finds himself going home to bury a corpse. On his plane ride to Eagle Point, Shadow meets a man called Mr. Wednesday–a meeting that will change his life in ways he could never have imagined.

Once it was the gods that ruled, had power. They hailed from the banks of the Ganges to the cold Norse forests, the desert pyramids overlooking the Nile to the Caribbean shores. It’s not the same now–high-rises grow like mushrooms in almost every city, taller than the old temples; cars zoom past old sacred places, while teenagers vandalize their remains. Television commercials and corny radio jingles have replaced daily prayers and offerings. The old gods no longer have power over civilization.. but a storm is coming that may change everything.

When I first read American Gods, I was struck by how real the gods were. I always wondered, if they were truly in existence once, what would they be now? Who would they be now? Perhaps a once-feared god is now your friendly neighbourhood funeral parlour proprietor; maybe the kind-eyed lady at the corner store used to be a beautiful but terrible goddess. I asked myself, are they content with their current state? Do they ever wish they could return to godhood, wielding the power of faith, of fear?

Mr. Wednesday holds the key to the storm, but there are more riddles to solve and secrets to unravel in order for Shadow to keep the storm at bay.

Neil Gaiman, according to the renowned horror fiction writer Stephen King, is “a treasure house.” If you haven’t read American Gods yet, go pick up a copy: it’s available at our stores for P315! 🙂

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