Fully Booked Gift Guide 2012 Crafts


We’ve all got that special someone in our lives, that amazing person who has the uncanny ability to make the most everyday objects and routines beautiful: from sprucing up parties, to customizing stationery to, adding character to otherwise normal household fixtures. You’re already thinking of that person now, aren’t you?

That’s why we’ve crafted (see what we did there?) a list for the wonderfully handy and creative people in our lives! These titles will help the most experienced craft ninjas expand their arsenal of handmade tricks and trade secrets, or help newbies get started. Take a closer look!


Fully Booked Gift Guide 2012 Crafts

One of the interesting titles on this list is Sew U by Wendy Mullin, self-taught seamstress behind cool NYC-based clothing brand, Built By Wendy, known for its cult following made up of style mavens and cultural icons, and intentional under-the-radar brand profile. Hipster, or just plain hip? You tell us. Celebrities like Zooey Deschanel, Justin Timberlake and James Franco seem to think Wendy is pretty cool, so who really cares about labels? Get Sew U for your favorite stylista this Christmas.

And if you know someone who is ga-ga about origami, we’ve got a number of books on the art of paper folding on stock. Come pay us a visit to comb through what we’re offering. Some of the books even come with a supply of origami paper–so thoughtful of them to do that, don’t you think?


Fully Booked Gift Guide 2012 Crafts


Lastly, check out Crafts for All Occasions by Martha Stewart which we’re offering alongside a wealth of titles by the most well-known craft guru in, well, the whole entire universe. Come check those out, and see which one works for your beloved crafter.


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! Our online wish list feature is up! Check out this fun how-to video on how you can get exactly what you want this Christmas by sharing your book wish list with your friends via social media.



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