The Christmas spirit is spreading, with decorations going up in private homes and public spaces, and with tunes being heard all over the radio! With how busy the season gets – people to see, events to attend, things to cross of this year’s to-do list, and the traffic to get through – we are all easily stressed and jaded during the days leading up to our celebrations.

In this entry, we enumerate some titles that we think can reignite the true Christmas spirit in you, starting off with a few children’s books to remember the blissful holidays of our youth! 🙂

The Berenstein Bears’ Old Fashioned Christmas is a traditional tale from Stan and Jan Berenstein, in which they narrate the Bear family’s holiday visit to their grandparents’ home. Together, the family decorates their tree, sings carols, and shares stories with one another, remembering how home is where the heart is in  this season.

Of course, the Grinch is one of the most remembered characters during the holidays as well.  Who can forget how Whoville remembered the true spirit of Christmas when it was thought to be lost? The way Cindy Lou Who extends friendship to the holiday fiend is also enough to warm the coldest of nights this December.

Lastly, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is a classic for all ages, a tale that reminds us how the ghosts of our past should not hold us back from seizing the present and shaping our own future.

Adults need just as much reminding for the spirit of the season! In The Curious World of Christmas, Niall Edworthy compiles Christmas traditions from around the globe to give us a peek at how universal the holiday is!

An anthology of short stories celebrating and remembering Christmas, in all its emotions both happy and sad, are also available through our favorite Chicken Soup for the Soul series. The Ecco Book of Christmas Stories edited by Alberto Manguel also puts together some stories, this time by famous authors like Paul Auster (Auggie Wren’s Christmas Story), Vladimir Nabokov (Christmas), and Truman Capote (A Christmas Memory) and Graham Greene (A Visit to Morin).

Finally, Rick Warren’s The Purpose of Christmas gives us three things to think about: Salvation, Celebration, and Reconciliation. How apt for ending the year, and starting a new one as well! 🙂

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