“In a sense, my eyes have become callous, like, what more can i see that is even more beautiful?” Says fashion and beauty photographer Sara Black of the rigors of her work. Cutting your teeth amidst the an industry of glamour and style can have its downsides, it seems. “But there is a lot of beauty in things all around us, in things that are not necessarily literally beautiful, on a superficial level. Things that take a little more sensitivity to see. That’s what my eye is looking for.”


Some of Sara Black’s past work: hyper-real images of beauty. Expect these to stand in stark contrast to Sara’s new book We, Love: an exploration of the ties that bind us.


Enter We, Love: Sara Black’s latest offering, a new photography book that explores unlikely relationships between people: an actress and a senator; a Muslim and Christian married to each other; a boy with a girlfriend who has lost her legs. “If they can open themselves that way to the other, shouldn’t be it easier for the rest of us who aren’t so different [from one another]?” asks Black.

We, Love features subjects from a wide spectrum of backgrounds. “What threads them together is the fact that they are all different but are able to overcome their differences. I also wanted to illustrate that no matter what background you come from–highest of the high or humblest of the humble¬† essentially we are all the same,” says Sara.

“Love is the most powerful force in our lives–not fame, power, or fortune,” she concludes. “It’s such a simple message, but easy to forget, to overlook. Hopefully people will remember how beautiful it is to love. Hopefully that inspires the readers as much as it has inspired me.”

We, Love by Sara Black launches today at Ayala Museum, and the book is also now available in all our branches at P1995. Come and experience the strength and beauty of love with Sara as she shares the beauty–a different sort of beauty, this time–that her eyes have witnessed, and her camera has captured.



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