We’ve got a number of music titles that are guaranteed to get you rockin’ around the Christmas tree. For this entry in the gift guide, aside from talking about the books we’ve got on stock, we also want to share some of the best Christmas ditties we could think of. So come over to the store to check out our music titles–but read on to see some of the coolest Christmas tracks!

1. Who’s your Christmas Diva? Mariah!

Come Christmastime, few artists rule the airwaves the way Mariah does. And almost two decades after the release of her 1994 yuletide album Merry Christmas, she is still going strong–there’s magic in that stretchy, red Santa suit! Catch Mariah at her vocal peak in this one. Makes you want to sing into a hairbrush in front of the mirror.



2. Calling all rabid One Direction fangirls!

We in the Fully Booked office know a lot of you young ladies can’t get enough of the boys from One Direction. Our friend Lucy is well aware of this, with all the inquiries she gets about 1D books on Facebook and Twitter! And even though this isn’t a complete song from the 1D boys, we’re pretty sure it’s gonna have you girls rolling over in Christmas conniptions!



3. Calling all grandmothers of rabid One Direction fangirls!

Grandmothers of One Direction fangirls will find a sophisticated gem in the music of Simon Cowell’s pop-opera supergroup, Il Divo. Yes, the man who brought you 1D has found a way to get even mature women to shriek. Who said it’s just the kids who get to have fun over fresh-faced pop stars? Enjoy, titas and lolas!



4. Heartbroken in the ’80s?

Were you heartbroken in the 1980s? If you were, chances are you listened to Wham!’s wintertime hit, “Last Christmas.” This has got to be the most important Christmas song that fits into the category of ‘has very little to do with Christmas’.



5. Heartbroken in the ’00s?

No other pop band of the 2000s quite understands melancholy the way Coldplay does. They broke out with a music video of a wet man walking in the rain–and that was their happy song! This happy video about Christmas is actually quite melancholy, if you listen closely. But then it’s also wonderfully, schizophrenically happy too, as only Coldplay can do. Merry Chris-mas. (‘Chris’ as in ‘Chris Martin’– get it, get it? OK, not funny. Moving on…)



6. From the undisputed KING of OPM Christmas

From the undisputed KING of Pinoy Christmas tunes came the creation of the undisputed KING of Pinoy Christmas carols. It’s not Christmas in the Philippines until Jose Mari Chan unleashes his voice. It’s enough to make you crave for hamon and queso de bola. Don’t worry, friends. You’ll have your fill soon.



7.  For everyone who hates getting fruitcake for Christmas

Search the term ‘fruitcake’ on YouTube and this is the first result you get. And we all know why. It’s an awesome song from a band we all wish didn’t break up, the Eraserheads. We’ll take this song over an actual fruitcake, any day!



8. For kooky beagles and round-headed boys

And we end our list with a classic: “Christmastime is Here”, from the nostalgia-riffic animated film A Charlie Brown Christmas, with music by The Vince Guaraldi Trio. It’s Christmastime, friends! Find someone you love, put some records on and savor the happiest season of the year.



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