Wedding photographer Toto Villaruel has gained a reputation for his signature style that emphasizes simplicity and authenticity, an attempt to capture couples sans the non-essentials. Perhaps it is his background as a photo journalist that informs Toto’s method of wedding photography–one that simply frames the story of two people in love.

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up very soon, we decided to feature some of the engagement photo shoots of book-loving couples that Toto has conducted within the walls of our Fully Booked High Street store. Romance isn’t just for the pages of books, folks–it is also for the aisles of a bookstore.

We’re excited for Valentine’s! Aren’t you?


Miko & Chame




Brian & Aileen




Jeff & Do

And while we’re on the topic of pre-wedding photos at Fully Booked, take a look at these shots of Jeff and Doreen, captured by Reality Box¬†photography.




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Thanks, Toto for sharing your photos with us!

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