Kim Jones has caught our attention. And it’s not just because she is the lovely host of ETC’s fashion programs Etcetera and I Am Meg. Neither is it just because of her work as a commercial model or blogger. Kim came onto the Fully Booked radar because of–can you guess?–her love for books! Follow Kim on Twitter and you’ll notice that every so often she talks about what book currently has her attention, or will crowd-source among her friends and followers to find out what should be next on her reading hit list. It only made sense for us to get in touch with Kim and talk to her about the written word, and what’s been populating her bookshelf.


To Kill A Mockingbird


Tell us about your relationship with books. How did you become an avid reader?

My relationship with books started from a young age when my father forced me to read Robinson Crusoe. Although I only begrudgingly finished it, it started my love affair and I began to appreciate the classics. I got lost in The Secret Garden and To Kill A Mockingbird, so much so that my dog now was named after the infamous lawyer Atticus Finch. He’s just as lovable as the Harper Lee character.



Why do you love books? Why is reading important to you?

I’m a dreamer and can be diffident at times and I indulge both of those qualities through reading. Often we find ourselves limited in this world; whether it be by time, money or work. Within the pages of a book none of that matters. Your interpretation of the story will be unique and depends only on your own spectrum of imagination.  Books open up worlds that would otherwise be impossible, not unlike dreams.




Let’s talk about The Fault In Our Stars, which is sitting on your bookshelf. Why do you relate with it?

I didn’t cry in Titanic or The Notebook, nor did I particularly enjoy them, so I feel as though my crying threshold should be quite high. But this book had me crying throughout its entirety. I kept calling my boyfriend mid-sob over the day and a half it took me to finish it. I could only try to explain why I was wailing so heavily over Gus and Hazel. Hats off to him, he comforted me even though I must have seemed utterly irrational.

In the hopes that I don’t dissuade anyone from reading it, I will tell you that it is an incredibly entertaining and equally moving story about the lives and love of two teenage cancer patients who are trying to figure how their illness will define them and what legacy they will leave behind. It’s not your typical cancer book, its incredibly humorous. You will find your self snorting, if not from a clogged nose then from laughter.



You have a number of fashion titles on your coffee table. Lets talk about those. The Sartorialist: Closer. What about that book connects with you? 

I simply love his photos. Scott Schuman captures the uninhibited street style in all its raw glory. As a blogger and fashion lover it’s a source of inspiration for outfits I wear and for those I style for my boyfriend. Too often our tastes are influenced by the marketing we are fed from fashion conglomerates. Schuman delivers photos that are as candid as they are inspirational.




You also have a Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen book there. 

Girls, especially my age, grew up with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. We all love them, whether some of us choose to admit it or not. We’ve seen them as TV stars, movie stars, teenage tycoons and fashion icons. Their book is my guilty pleasure.




And Kate Moss?

She’s an icon. She dated Johnny Depp. She’s a 5’7 supermodel. These are just a few of the reasons why I love her. Moss just has one of those unforgettable faces, perhaps because she’s modelled in hundreds of campaigns so it’s a face impossible to forget. She’s managed to stay at the top of her game during an incredibly successful career spanning four decades.


Kate Moss

Jeffrey Archer Books


You have a number of Jeffrey Archer titles on your shelf. Why is that? Which of his works is your favorite, and why?

My brother introduced me to the books of the British politician years ago. To Cut A Long Story Short was the first book of his I read and immediately I was hooked. Although Kane & Abel is another favorite of mine, he has a real penchant for short stories. Partly because short stories are more achievable and digestible when you have little spare time. But also because his renowned, unexpected twists at the end of each story will leave you smirking to yourself at the unexpected finish and leave you wanting more.


Kim Jones

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