Summer months present one dilemma to students and parents alike: What to do with all that free time? Well, we’ve got a few ideas and a rich treasure trove of resources in every Fully Booked branch. Here are some ideas of what you can do to stay productive this summer. We’ve also recommended a few books that can help you achieve your goal. Have a fun and productive summer!

1. Redecorate Your Own Home



Apartment Therapy is a well-known and respected blog that has built a strong following of people who love home improvement, design and decorating–and now they present their very own printed publications. Parents with teenagers, enlist them into your very own home makeover workforce! Teens or college students who want to improve your bedrooms and apartments before school year comes around, consider getting those hands dirty! Check these out:


2. Cook Up A Storm



Learn some new recipes this summer–and when you’ve mastered a few, invite some friends over and act like a master chef! Cooking is fun, and eating delicious meals is satisfying indeed. Here are some great cook books you might want to check out:


3. Fold Some Paper



Keep cool in the rising summer temperature by floating in the tranquility that comes with the art of paper folding. OK, the reality is, origami can get frustratingly sweat-inducing with its complexity! But given enough time and practice, who knows what levels of internal peace and solace you can achieve? Keep the kids busy with something productive, beautiful and fun–and you might even enjoy it yourself. We have books for every skill level:


4. Make Things Beautiful


Engage in the art of making useful and beautiful things: crafting! Sure, the digital world is fun. But so is making stuff with your bare hands. Engage your senses and creativity by learning how to craft! Here are some books to get you started.


5. Learn an Instrument


Learning an instrument is a challenge that comes with great fulfillment. Parents, consider encouraging your children to learn an instrument this summer. And grown-ups who have long wanted to pick up that guitar or jam on that piano, now is the time! Come pay us a visit at the store to see what books we have available. There is quite a selection, but here is a sampling:


6. Learn To Draw Comics



Reading comics is definitely cool. But imagine if you could create your own comics. Budding or aspiring artists, come by the store and see how you can further hone your craft:

What do you plan to do with your summer? Let us know in the comments or via Facebook and Twitter.
By the way! Availability of all books differs per branch of Fully Booked. Please come pay your nearest Fully Booked branch a visit to see what is on stock–after all, searching for books is great fun! If we don’t have a book that you are looking for, approach our Customer Service desk at the store and we can help you get that book.


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