Fun-loving kids and the young at heart will be over the moon about this selection of comics that we are giving away for absolutely free this Free Comic Book Day! In this list are some goodies from the worlds of Riverdale, Sesame Street, Bikini Bottoms and more! Parents and children, we’re talking to you on this one. Make a family field trip out of FCBD 2013 at Fully Booked!


1. World of Archie Digest

Citizens of Riverdale rejoice! Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead, the world’s most iconic and timeless teenage barkada will be at FCBD! For over seventy years, the Archie gang has retained their relevance among generation after generation of young people coming of age, with their classic characters that go through the gamut of teenage experiences. This is for both the die-hards and the uninitiates, the parents who virtually grew up on Archie comics, and their kids who will be discovering the gang from Riverdale for the first time—and everyone in between. This one boasts a massive page count, possibly the biggest in the entire FCBD repertoire this 2013. Expect this to be in high demand! Availability: All Fully Booked branches.


2. Sesame Street

This one is a treat for our youngest comic readers, kids eight years-old and younger. Kids who want to have a good time can always rely on Elmo, Cookie, The Count, Grover and the gang from Sesame Street. In this one, they talk about—guess what?—comics! Cool, right? Younger kids who are fans of Saturday morning cartoons, educational shows and the likes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse will also like this title. A special bonus is three adventures with Strawberry Shortcake and friends. Parents, take note! Availability: Fully Booked Fort branch only.


3. Sponge Bob: Freestyle Funnies

Does this really need an introduction? SpongeBob Squarepants has been a staple cartoon on the Nickelodeon channel for over a decade, becoming an instant classic thanks to its outrageously ridiculous characters and nonsensical plotlines. Expect mayhem from the gang from Bikini Bottoms in a plotline that revolves around… free comics. Sound familiar? Older kids and pre-teens will have the most fun with this one. Availability: Fully Booked Fort branch only.


4.  Smurfs

The Smurfs are back to bring their brand of magical happiness to a whole new generation of comic book readers. Parents of little children, you probably enjoyed the exploits of this cute little commune of blue critters, growing up. Now it’s time to share Smurfs with your kids. Are we ready to break out into the “Lala-lalalala…” chorus? Availability: Fully Booked Fort branch only.


5. Disney Faries

Girls and fairies go together like peanut butter and jelly. Parents of little princesses who love the wonderful world of all things Disney, this is the book you want to make a bee-line for this FCBD. Availability: Fully Booked Fort branch only.


6. Top Shelf Kids Club

This one is chock-full of goodies with six (!) adventures crammed into one book, from the Top Shelf Kids Club. According to the FCBD website: “Inside are brand-new stories featuring OWLY by Andy Runton, JOHNNY BOO by James Kochalka, KORGI by Christian Slade, PIRATE PENGUIN VS NINJA CHICKEN by Ray Friesen, and UPSIDE DOWN by Jess Smart Smiley, plus the debut of MONSTER ON THE HILL by Rob Harrell, who also contributes this year’s cover!” Kids who have long loved mainstream comics and cartoons but are looking to change it up and go a bit more ‘indie’, this is for you! Availability: Fully Booked Fort branch only.


Learn more about FCBD 2013 at Fully Booked and Comic Odyssey, right here!

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