A big shout out to everyone who made it to Free Comic Book Day 2013! Thank you for braving the scorching sun and sweltering heat as you stood in line—you are all legends! Thank you for making this year’s FCBD at Fully Booked the best and biggest one yet! Props have to be given to our friends from Comic Odyssey who we worked alongside Fully Booked to make the event a reality. And finally, thank you to Angel Brigade for showing up to receive the Fully Booked Flood Fund donation—what better way to celebrate real world heroism and generosity than on FCBD?

Scroll down to see images and read commentary on FCBD. See the full photo gallery here.

See that guy on the right in the grey shirt? He camped out at the door of Fully Booked at 1AM the night before! Those guys surrounding him? They started arriving as early as 3AM and 5AM!

The line wrapped around the Fully Booked Fort branch, and snaked back and forth a couple of times, too. The summer heat was not enough to dampen the spirits of these valiant comic book fans!

It was an event for the whole family. Mom, dad and son all happy with their free swag!

Of course it was a barkada trip for a lot of people who came. What better way to bond than lining up to get free comics?

It turns out superheroes like free comics, too. We were just wondering, do they consider the books fiction or non-fiction? Please let us know if you know the answer to this.

Here we see Jaime Daez (center) and family after he presented a check to Tisha Bautista of Angel Brigade. The Fully Booked Flood Fund for the benefit of the victims of 2012’s monsoon floods amounted to P850,000! Thanks to all the artists who contributed their time and talent, and to all those who bought the artwork.

Sandy (2nd from left) and the amazing folks from Comic Odyssey with whom Fully Booked works very closely with for FCBD. Check out their store at the 4th floor of the Fully Booked Fort branch—they recently doubled its size!

This is just a photo of the security detail we had patrolling the premises for FCBD. You know, to keep the peace and chase powerful super villains away from the premises and stuff. I think they missed on baddie, though—um, guys… Scarecrow is photobombing you.

Once again, thanks to all those who were a part of FCBD 2013! To those who missed it, see you next year?

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