You may have noticed how excited we’ve been on the blog about the new Fully Booked Alabang store. And why not? We’ve got a brand spanking new four-storey shop (which we will be walking through in this little photo essay)! Plus, we enjoyed a warm welcome to the neighborhood courtesy of our friends from the Alabang-Paranaque-Las Pinas area who came in droves during opening weekend.

For those who haven’t yet paid us a visit, here’s what you need to come see, pronto!

Fully Booked Alabang

Welcome to Fully Booked Alabang, the newest addition to our family!

After the Bonifacio High Street branch, Alabang is our biggest store. You’ll be greeted by spacious, peaceful interiors. Look at all those books! Go ahead—pick one up and enjoy!

And though the Alabang store is spacious, we’ve made sure that it’s easy for you to find pockets of space where you can browse through your latest finds.

Parents, come visit with the kids and get them excited about reading! What could be more productive and fun? Have a seat on these cool chairs, or relax on the carpet with the little ones.

Don’t walk too fast—you might miss some of these books!

Comic lovers, unite! Head to the fourth floor for the latest and greatest graphic novels which we have an abundance of. Right beside our graphic novels section is Comic Odyssey which boasts a first-rate collection of singles and comic merchandise.

The fourth floor is also home to a wide selection of music for the audiophiles out there:

At some point during your visit to Fully Booked Alabang, make sure you stop by Press Cafe—because what goes better with the scent of paper and ink than a cup of freshly brewed coffee? Grab a snack too, while you’re at it!

Yes, that countertop is made of piles of books. Cool right? Note: If you see a title you like, please don’t pull it out! 😉

We end our little walk-through tour with this decorative piece that hangs in Press Cafe. Each book in this installation has a short message. And the one at the bottom left corner reminds us that “a room without books is like a body without soul.” If that is indeed true, then the new Fully Booked Alabang must have shelves upon shelves of soul!

Come and discover that ‘soul’ with us, dear friends from the south. We look forward to having you over!


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