The following piece was written by guest contributor Nicholas Paredes of the Junior Book Crew 2013, a month-long summer workshop at Fully Booked for kids aged 11-16. It aims to expand young peoples’ love for books and the written word. They also learn how to perform different tasks at the bookstore—cool, right? Summer is now over, but we believe Nicholas’ picks are pretty good, year-round book choices. Tell us what you think!



By Nicholas Paredes (YOLO!)

Every year, do you wonder what you’re going to do with all the free-time that summer gives you? I’m pretty sure that for the average person, its a real challenge to fill those free days with things to do. Books are one of the many things which can help you kill time during those long summer days! Here are 5 fantasy-adventure books that are sure to please you! (This introduction is so cliche, that its like an advertisement! LOL)

1. Secrets of An Immortal: The Alchemyst 

The Secrets Of An Immortal: Nicholas Flamel Book Series exhibits an amazing blend of mythology and modern style of writing combining personalities of people from eras that would never have met each other in the real world. The large cast of characters in the story is sure to entertain for a very long time. A book which is sure to keep your eyes stuck to every single page, The Alchemyst is an action-packed fantasy with a plethora of information which will force you to read alongside Wikipedia.

2. Warriors: Into The Wild

A book which dedicated fantasy/adventure fans will love and appreciate, Into The Wild isn’t a story which doesn’t require you to be a cat lover to enjoy. A story filled with adventure and action, it helps visualise what an animal might be doing when we don’t look at them.

3. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

If you haven’t read this book, then you definitely are missing out on A LOT, The Percy Jackson & The Olympians Series grabs Classic Greek Mythology and places it in the present-day world. The casual way in which Rick Riordan writes lets the reader feel as if he was just reading from his/her own journal while maintaining the air of adventure, action, mystery, with a touch of drama.

4. Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

A fast-paced, action-filled, mysterious book, The Angel Experiment is sure to pass those boring summer days away very quickly. Filled with suspense, the story is one of the best for activities such as group discussions for things that might happen in the sequels.

5. Guardians of Ga’Hoole: The Capture

What if all the birds in the world, could talk? What if they could all think and act like people? Not so sure that yo can imagine that? Well you don’t really have to! The Guardians of Ga’Hoole introduces to you a whole world where humans don’t exist and were animals can do all that! Recommended for the younger adult readers, this story is filled with excitement and adventure, its sure to interest you to the other books of the series.


What are your favorite young adult books?

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