The intersection of two different forces can potentially be the staging point for complete disaster—two objects on a collision course toward each other screams danger and begs caution. On the other hand, such a confluence can also be the birthplace of something truly amazing.

That’s what we’re talking about when we talk about Herakut.



The duo is made up of graffiti artists Hera and Akut—their collective name an even mashup of their aliases—two vastly different artists with distinct approaches to a common medium. Their body of work is made up of murals, canvases and books, an extensive library of rich and complex images summoning a wealth of emotion thanks to the unique marriage of hyper realism, as seen in the pupil of a subject’s eye or the contours of their figure, and the spontaneous strokes, textures and colors fantastically woven into those characters’ beings and environments.



And a big part (literally) of Herakut’s impressive portfolio is that The Giant Storybook Project, a whimsical journey of children Lily and Jay, as well as some giants, and some monkeys and chameleons, too—a fantasy in progress, written and painted on murals around the world in massive proportion. The Giant Storybook Project will eventually become a children’s book (and in case you haven’t noticed, we think that books are pretty awesome!).



And here’s where the story gets really cool for us in the Philippines: This August 7-10, Herakut’s journey takes them to Manila for a series of exciting events over the span of a week, including an exhibit at Vinyl on Vinyl at the Collective, forums in Ateneo and College of St. Benilde, and live painting sessions in BGC—one of which will be done on a wall inside Fully Booked High Street’s design wing.

If you want to catch any of the Herakut events, see details here.


Learn more about Herakut and the Giant Storybook Project:

Facebook: The Giant Storybook Project

And as a bonus, check out this is really cool video of Herakut’s live painting session at Coachella 2013:


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