Art duo Herakut hits Manila this August 7-10 for a series of events including two exciting live art sessions: one at Fully Booked High Street (Aug 9) when they will paint a wall in our design wing, and a second live event at BGC (Aug 10) where they will share the spotlight with some outstanding homegrown Filipino artists. Over the next few entries, we will get to know the local talents that will be doing live artwork alongside Herakut.

Introducing surreal street artist Rai Cruz…


Book and pop culture fans will find Rai’s take on Tyrion Lannister from TV’s Game of Thrones really cool.


Describe your design philosophy, or, the thought behind your body of work.

Currently I am trying to bring to the streets what I was doing during my college years. It’s doing random images and adding layers of images, kind of just going with flow, and adapting as I go, somewhat similar to the process of doing a makeshift object. I try to include some images relatively easily identified with Filipino urban life.




Let’s talk influences. Top artists you look up to and why.

I am influenced by Salvador Dali, this is apparent in my surrealist rendition of subject matter. Roa, Nychos and Aryz for street art. And locally I admire Vicente Manansala for his amazing technical skills!


How do you find inspiration for your work? Any best practices or advice for budding artists?

I am honestly inspired by the varied reactions of people. Probably that is why most of my works are on the streets—I want to reach out to a lot of people. I just want them to look at my work and I welcome whatever it is that they perceive. Whenever people encounter something different it engages their curiosity, then from there it’s up to them to discuss what the work is about and draw their own conclusions.



What music are you currently enjoying?

I’m really enjoying post-rock. Local bands Earthmover, Monochrome, A Series of Fractions; foreign bands God is An Astronaut, This Will Destroy You.



Lastly, what are your 3 favorite books and why?

The Filipino is Worth Blogging For by Katrina Stuart Santiago; Hari Manawari by German Gervacio .


Any shout outs?

Shout out to my wife—she is 8 months pregnant! AShout out also to my Mapua, Cavity Collective and MST family and cheers to all who are doing street art and graffiti. Regardless of which crew or group we are in, we just want to promote a progressive community. Thanks!


Learn more about Rai Cruz:

Twitter: @raicruz

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