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Where do Davao City’s Harry Potter fanatics gather on a Friday night to whip up magic and cook up spells? Where else but at the magical Harry Potter Trivia Night!

Last August 2, a cool and otherwise quiet Friday evening, Harry Potter aficionados gathered at the Tea’amo Tea and Coffeeshop for a fun-filled night that had everyone transported into the enchanting world of Harry and his friends in Hogwarts.

A capacity crowd filled the venue quickly and the event started almost immediately after people arrived, showing how giddy and excited everyone was. Participants formed their own teams and competed against one another in answering various trivia questions about J.K. Rowling’s famous fantasy book series. Questions on character names, places, spells, and even magical objects had all teams displaying remarkable enthusiasm and recall prowess.



Team Weird Sisters capped the night by being hailed as trivia champions, while second place went to Team Edward. A raffle and an award for the Best Harry Potter-Inspired Costume were also part of the evening’s treats.

Ayra Diaz from the Davao Readers Circle brought home the raffle prize and Roddiek Cuyno bagged the Best in Costume Award in a landslide victory—he arrived at the venue perfectly dressed for the occasion, carrying tiny bottles of potion, tarot cards, and his very own elder wand.



Indeed, Harry Potter Trivia Night was a well-spent Friday night for the Davao Harry Potter fanatics!

And now for some inside info: As of writing time, I have received information brought home by my very own owl: word is that the Harry Potter Trivia Night is just the first of a series of such events to be held every month at the Tea’amo Tea and Coffeeshop. Rumor has it that the next trivia night will be inspired by another popular book series. Exciting times ahead!



A bit about Davao’s Cafe Te’Amo:

Facebook: Cafe Te’Amo Tea and Coffeeshop.
PLUS! Check out their photo album of the fun at Harry Potter Trivia Night.

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