“I don’t keep my books in a book case because books are scattered all over the house!”, confesses the latest subject of our Show Your Shelf series, film and television actor Jericho Rosales. We found this especially interesting, as it gave us a reason to roam around his beautiful home to disover the titles, magazines and records that have most influenced his life and craft.

We noticed that Jericho’s books are an expression of the dreams and aspirations he has in life such as living a life of adventure, having a beautiful house by the beach, starting a cool business, or even being a hero. And well, isn’t that a big part of what books are for all of us?

Join us as we do a bit of Q&A with ‘Echo’.


Jericho Rosales at table with Nylon Guys, Esquire, Empire, and Film Magazines


Tell our blog readers about some of the books that have influenced you the most, or the most noteworthy titles you have.

Wild At Heart by John Eldredge is a favorite of mine. Growing up without a father, there was a lot of stuff that I didn’t understand about life, and this book helped me understand. For example, why do kids have a fascination with guns and violence? Most importantly the author speaks of our need for adventure. It is also a spiritual book, and that’s a big part of who I am.


Echo Rosales' Favorite books, Wild At Heart by John Eldridge, The Book of Poo


Book of Poo isn’t really a favorite, but all my guests see it because I leave it in the bathroom! It’s funny kasi.



I like collecting books about houses, especially beach houses. I got these with my fiancée, Kim. My favorite house is this one in the photo (upper right of image)—glass, everywhere and so wide open, you have a good view of the ocean from any spot in the house. I don’t have a beach house yet; so book muna!



I’m really fascinated with barber shops. In fact, a dream business of mine is to open a barber shop. When I travel and I see a shop that I like, I stop and take a photo, even get a haircut. I really like the Brooklyn, NYC style that this book on barber shops has captured. In my house, I have a couple of worn out, second hand barber chairs that my designer friend helped me find.



Let’s talk about your magazine collection.

Magazines are cool because I get to read about all my acting heroes. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Leonardo Di Caprio, Matt Damon. Details, Esquire, GQ, Nylon Guys—those are what I read. Plus the car and movie stuff. I collect magazines all the time and have been doing so for years now.



It’s interesting that you like to collect vinyl records, in an age of convenience when most people listen to digital music. Please tell us about that.

Vinyl just sounds better. It’s the next best thing to listening live. I have some records that I borrowed from friends that sit in a plastic crate on my staircase, but I really buy all my favorite albums in vinyl. I think part of it is my interest in old school and retro things. Parang yung barbershops.

What are your favorite albums?

I keep my favorite ones up on the wall in my living room, where my record player is. But other than those… Continuum by John Mayer. Exodus by Bob Marley & the Wailers. The U2 record with the kid in a helmet. I never remember the name, but I really like that one! (Editor’s note: That U2 album is titled The Best of 1980-1990. We agree with Echo, it’s a great compilation!)



We noticed some graphic novels and comics lying around—very cool!

Yes! I love Spiderman. My fiancée, Kim, got me these particular books. Comics can be so much fun to read. It’s still my dream to play a superhero one day!


Jericho's Spiderman Comics


We at the blog would like to thank Jericho for giving us a look into his book, magazine and music collection! By the way, he’s got a new movie coming out very soon, an acclaimed independent film with an important message on human trafficking: Alagwa.

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UPDATE: Here’s Echo’s #FullyBookedShelfie!

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