For many readers of our blog, Veronica Roth needs no introduction. She is the author of the massively successful fantasy sci-fi books Divergent and Insurgent. Today, we present a Q&A with the author. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers here!


1. It seems like Divergent has become a global phenomenon. Have you been surprised by the excitement from fans outside of the United States?

I’m surprised by all fan excitement, really, since I never anticipated that the books would take off the way they have! But I have been really encouraged by the excitement of my readers outside the US. It’s wonderful to know that the stories have resonated with people from many backgrounds and cultures, despite being set in my native Chicago.

2. Readers from Europe would love to know about your time in Romania. What was your experience there? How did your time there affect your writing?

I loved Romania. Sometimes it was difficult because I didn’t speak the language, but it’s a beautiful country and the people I met there were so thoughtful and interesting. It’s too early to tell how my time there has affected my writing. Any time you step outside of yourself and your background and experience another way of life, it changes your outlook, and that changes your writing, so I’m sure Romania made an impact on my work. I’m just not sure what that impact is yet.

3. What was the most heartbreaking part in Divergent/Insurgent for you?

In Divergent, one of the most heartbreaking scenes is when Al goes to Tris to beg her for forgiveness, and she refuses him. I didn’t blame her, but I also knew what was going to happen to Al next, so it was hard to write. In Insurgent, the most heartbreaking scene, for me, is when she leaves Tobias to turn herself in at Erudite headquarters. That line that Tobias speaks—“Who cares about everyone? What about me?”—kills me every time.

4. What’s your favorite scene in Divergent?

I love the scene where Tris and Tobias go through his fear landscape. It’s really the first time he’s been vulnerable with anyone, and Tris handles it well—she takes care of him but she also respects him, and I love their dynamic in that scene. I’m fond of the Ferris wheel scene, too.



Special thanks to HarperCollins for this Q&A!  

Veronica Roth’s newest title, Allegiant releases on October 22 (that’s a Tuesday). If you’d like to reserve a copy, you may click on the Book Reservations button at the very top of the webpage, or visit any of our branches to do so. 

Have you re-read your copies of Divergent and Insurgent to prepare for the release? You still have some time to! 🙂 




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