Everyday, for the past month or so, we dedicated one post to an artist! Fashion designers, interior designers, photographers, and painters were all part of our ABC’s of Design, or #ABCDesign posts.

It was wonderful to remember artists we had already been fond of, and learn more things about their lives and work along the way. Discovering art we had not known about before was a joy as well!

M was a fun letter to have to fill in – so many artists!

Meret Oppenheim’s poetry, just as compelling as her paintings and photographs.

Q is for ? We had to get creative with this one!

Andy Warhol’s portraits of Julian Schnabel and Jean-Michel Basquiat do not display his usual penchant for color.

For more design and art-related titles, visit our Fort branch design wing (3/F) and Rizzoli Studio corner (4/F)! 🙂 There are a lot more that can fill in every letter. Who would your choices be if you put this together? 🙂

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