Shout out to all the kids…and the kids at heart!

Halloween Comicfest will soon be upon us (it’s already on this Saturday, October 24!), and we’ve got a bunch of great titles that kids will enjoy. Check ’em out!

1. Cartoon Network Super Sampler




Ben 10, Samurai Jack and The Powerpuff Girls bring you a triple-whammy in this Cartoon Network super sampler, to be released only this Halloween Comicfest! Get ready to see the PPG trifecta take on the ‘The Big Green Monster’, Samurai Jack go through ‘Double Dutch Death Valley’ and Ben Ten face a raging bull in ‘Ole’. Saturday morning toon devotees, this one is not to be missed!


2. Batman Li’l Gotham gives is the lowdown:

Just in time for Halloween, fans of all ages can get this FREE special edition of the critically acclaimed series featuring art by Dustin Nguyen! In this issue, Robin needs Batman’s help to learn the true meaning of Halloween. Plus, on Thanksgiving, Batman and Robin join the families of Gotham City around the table for a holiday feast – and birds of a feather flock together to stage a march against the city led by The Penguin!


3. Sonic Lost World



The iconic Sega flag-bearer invites you on a high-speed quest to defeat a new gang of baddies, and of course (as usual!) the evil Dr. Eggman! This one is in sync with the release of the newest Sonic game, released this October 22–so gamers, take note!


Are you coming to Halloween Comicfest at Fully Booked? What titles are you excited to pick up?

Btw, a quick insider tip for all our blog readers: arrive at the store early so you get top pick!

See you this Saturday at Fully Booked!

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