This week, Marvel’s much anticipated full-length film Thor: The Dark World starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston and Anthony Hopkins premiers across the globe. In the Philippines, it comes out on August 30, which means it’s probably gonna be the must-watch film of at least the Halloween-All Saints-All Souls long weekend.

Since people are going to be talking about Thor this week, we want to take a step back in time to learn more about our favorite mythical Norse god, and see his visual evolution through the years. It’s always fun to track how a character or franchise evolves with advances in culture and technology.

Let’s start with Journey Into Mystery #83 (1962), where Thor first graced a cover:


Thor 1


Some would say that Journey Into Mystery #83 was Thor’s official introduction to the world, but others might point to when he first graced the printed page on Strange Stories of the Supernatural Venus #12 (1951):


Thor 3


Check out how different he looked back in the ’50s (nice skirt, big guy)!


Venus Thor Comicvine


In 1966, The Mighty Thor, a master of transcending dimension lines, crossed over into TV land. Gotta love these classic cartoons, almost a lost art in today’s world of CGI cartoons, but always great for throwbacks such as this, and a warm nostalgic spot for those who grew up in a 2-dimensional TV world.



So there we have cartoon Thor of old, in comparison with silver screen Thor of 2011:


thor poster


Printed page Thor of the 1970s:


Thor 2


And here’s what our mighty hammer-wielding hero looks like on today’s printed page, as seen in Marvel’s 2013 Halloween Comicfest freebie. We were handing these out at Fully Booked this last week!


hcf thor


According to trailers, The Avengers was ‘just the beginning’, and so we can expect more mayhem of mythic proportions in the second installment of the already popular Thor franchise.



Have you seen Thor: The Dark World? What do you think? Let’s talk about it on Facebook and Twitter. Also, let us know if you’d like to find the Thor titles we have in stock. Hope you enjoyed this brief journey back in time.

Happy movie-going!


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