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Last December 5, 2013 at Fully Booked High Street, Amanda Griffin-Jacob and Bianca Araneta-Elizalde launched a book they co-authored called Project Mom. A book designed for new moms, Project Mom is full of useful information that helps moms navigate motherhood from pregnancy all through the baby’s first birthday. Topics include bringing your baby home, breastfeeding, preparing healthy baby food and more. The book even includes a directory of their favorite products and services. It’s a must-have book for every new mom.

During the launch, we caught up with a few moms to find out what other books they consider the most significant to them. Here’s what they shared:


Glaiza Garcia Tominio


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The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery. You can never be too young or old to read this book! The Little Prince should go on the list of books that you should read before you die. It led me to deeply understand valuable lessons on celebrating life, understanding love, treasuring family and strengthening friendships.”


Sharon Ricafort

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“The most significant book in my life is The Purpose Driven Life. I’m no saint but I do believe that as long as God is the center of my family’s life then everything will follow. This book strengthens me and my relationship with my husband too. It also inspires me to become a better mom to my son, Cyler. I may not be the best mom but I’m pretty sure that I will give my very best to become a better mom to my son because that’s one of my purposes in my life. Being a mom is the most wonderful thing and blessing that I’ve ever received from God. So I’ve learned that my purpose as a mom and as a wife is to nourish and nurture my family without asking for anything in return. And most especially to teach my child to love God because that’s the best life lesson that I could ever teach him.”


Ging Domingo-Santos


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“Most significant book in my life: The Missing Piece Meets the Big O by Shel Silverstein. Reason: I know it’s a children’s book but it reminds me that you don’t need anybody to do something extraordinary. Sometimes it just takes a nudge and a push to see yourself for what you are and that you can do whatever you want and be amazing.”


Dewmaine Ladaga


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“It’s a Reader’s Digest collection of fairy tales. I loved fairy tales so much. Back in 1st grade, I asked my mom to read stories to me but she wouldn’t. She said I already knew how to read so I should read them myself. I said there were plenty of unfamiliar words. She pointed me to the dictionary. I pressed her but she still won’t read to me. But I liked the books so much that I grudgingly read it myself and checked the dictionary too. I guess it jumpstarted my reading English books without pictures and with difficult words. I was forced to read seemingly difficult books and learned to be patient until I understood it.”


Racquel Guevarra


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Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom because it showed how one’s pursuit for life’s significance or meaning was taught or revealed by someone nearing his death, and it was also able to show how it can take just one person to touch another and make a difference and lasting impression in his life.”


Christine Caballero


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“I read The Alchemist every year as a way of renewing or refreshing my perspectives on the secrets of life, dreaming and loving. It always reminds me to listen to what my heart has to say.”


Project Mom by Amanda Griffin-Jacob and Bianca Araneta-Elizalde is now available at Fully Booked. For more information on the book. Visit their official website at or their Facebook page.


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Our guest contributor for this entry is work-at-home mom of three, Janice Lim of To learn more about Janice, find her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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