It began a long time ago…

J.R.R. Tolkien penned a novel that would have massive cultural significance on the world, and get the ball rolling on the fantasy subculture that is still alive and well, decades later. It all began a long time ago… a story of a Hobbit, some dwarves and a dragon.


Hobbit 2


And very, very soon (a.k.a. ‘tomorrow’), The Hobbit film’s second installment hits the big screen, worldwide. And here’s what’s getting us really excited:


HFR 3D, baby!

The first installment of The Hobbit had critics polarized about the visual appeal of the movie which was presented in ‘high frame rate 3D’ (in select theaters)—or 48 frames per second, versus the usual 24 frames per second. The technology supposedly comes closer to how the human eye sees, and therefore makes for a crisp, realistic experience. Well, as realistic as a mythical world filled with strange creatures can get, right?

Some critics thought that while the great parts in Hobbit 1 looked amazing, the not-so-great parts paled in comparison; and therein lay the lopsided problem. Nevertheless, a year later, we can anticipate some steps forward, and hopefully we will be left with our breath taken from us. There were some eye-popping visuals in An Unexpected Journey, and we want more of that!


Seeing Smaug, finally!




We’ve read about him on the page, and seen him in our imagination, but now we get to see Smaug’s centuries-old, gold-and-jewel encrusted hide for ourselves, courtesy of Peter Jackson and the magicians of WETA. If the caliber of their visual sorcery in Hobbit 1 is any clue, we can expect the reveal of Smaug to truly be ‘the magnificent’.


Hearing Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug


Benedict Cumberbatch


As if just seeing the dragon Smaug come to life on the big screen wasn’t enough for Tolkien fans, Peter Jackson and gang have gone and chosen as the voice, Benedict Cumberbatch, possibly the Internet’s current Man of the Hour… that is, if it’s not fellow Brit, Tom Hiddleston who played Loki in the Thor films (and likes dancing). But Cumberbatch need not dance, to win our hearts. He just needs to unleash that sinister appeal. Remember Khan in the recent Star Trek?


Sophomore slump aversion (fingers crossed!)




Some of the world’s favorite film trilogies can be tested by the strength of their respective second installments: The Godfather. Star Wars. Back to the Future. The Mighty Ducks. OK, just kidding about Mighty Ducks. (No, not really kidding. Quack!) Will The Hobbit 2 fly or flop? There’s only one way to know, and that is to head to theaters and decide for ourselves.

What are you excited for in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug? Let us know in the comments below!



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