As 2013 winds down, we want to wax reflective and slightly nostalgic as we look into the spirit of the times, particularly what people were reading in 2013. We’ve scoured the Internet in search for the best ‘best-of’ lists, and hopefully these can help you get your hands on the titles you haven’t picked up yet… or maybe gift them to someone this Christmas.

So the way we’ve done it is that we’ve listed the publication offering the list, followed by a brief description. Click on each title to see that publication’s list. Enjoy.

(Cover image courtesy of A Case for Books’ best-of best of list [yes, that’s right. best-of, best-of])


Image courtesy of A Case For Books


Good Reads Choice Awards 2013
A list voted on by the members of the Good Reads community. This list is truly engaging and engaged, as it prides itself in being ‘the only major book awards decided by readers’, with hundreds of thousands of nominees, culminating in a library of categories.

The Guardian
Britain’s The Guardian offers interesting ‘best of’ lists such as one put together by independent book sellers, but also an extensive index including the respective ‘bests’ of sports, nature, poetry, children’s lit and more.

GQ’s Books of the Year 2013
A gentleman’s perspective.

Barnes & Noble
A list from one of the biggest book retailersdefinitely a big voice in the world of literature.

From the perspective of the Internet’s go-to place for books. Amazon, as you would expect, gets hyper specific with its lists. For example, children’s literature alone is divided into Board Books (Age 2), Picture Books (Ages 3-5), Chapter Books (Ages 6-8), Middle Grade (Ages 9-12) and more. Expect more of that, and fish through a truly deep list.

Huffington Post
A quick opinion list by the HuffPo.

New York Times
Insofar as best seller lists are concerned, none is more top of mind than the New York Times. They have also released the best selling books of the year.

USA Today
American news giant gets in on the discussion.

The New Yorker
The respectable and reputable magazine gives its lofty view.

Slate claims ‘the most crucial books’ of 2013.

A Case for Books
As you can see, there are LOT of best book lists out there representing the many views and voices in the world. With that in mind, the folks at A Case for Books collate critics’ ‘best of’ lists and put together the mother of book lists for 2013 in an simple infographic (Brilliant! Thank you!) so you can see what the covers look like and make a bee-line for it at your favorite bookstore (*hint-hint*).


What were your best books of 2013? Let us know in the comments below.





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