So, Promenade Mall in Greenhills Shopping Center has been completely revamped. New restaurants, new Dolby Atmos cinemas, and — of course — a newly renovated Fully Booked store!

Here’s a peek at what’s inside:

Level 1 - Entrance

For those already familiar with the old store, we’ve kept the entrance in the same location, but also added a second entry on the 2nd level. Shown in the photo above is the original doorway.

On this first level, you’ll find all of our non-book and lifestyle items like greeting cards, accessories, wrapping paper, and toys.

Level 1 - Non-Book Items

You’ll also find our large collection of notebooks and planners, including our Moleskines.

Level 1 - Notebooks Planners Audiobooks

On the left of the photo above are audiobooks, but we have music CDs too.

Level 1 - Music CDs

If you move up the ramp you’ll find yourself on the store’s second level, right in the middle of the bestsellers section.

Level 2 B - Walkway

Level 2 C - Best Sellers

Level 2 A - Overview

The second level is the largest of the store’s 4 levels, and hosts the classics section, among others.

Level 2 F - Classics

Level 2 E - Reader

Dr Seuss, Curious George, and the Mister Men all live on the second level, too. Find them in the Childrens’ Section.

Level 2 D - Children

Pictured below is that second foyer we mentioned earlier. It opens up from the mall’s new cinema lobby.

Level 2 G - Entrance

Head up that escalator to level three, a loft that hosts our design and architecture titles.

Level 3 - Design and Architecture

Just a few steps up and it’s level four. Level four is all about graphic novels, science fiction, and fantasy.

Level 4 A - Graphic Novels

And finally, embedded in level four is Comic Odyssey.

Level 4 B - Comic Odyssey

Comic Odyssey is your go-to place for single-issue comics. Find your ongoing series here, plus a large collection of back-issues and collectors’ items.

Level 4 C - Comic Odyssey 2

That’s it! Come visit us here soon. We’ll be glad to have you!

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