A couple weeks back, one of our friends on Twitter mentioned us in a tweet about an almost-romance in our BGC store. The nod to Murakami got our attention. But true to Murakami form, this would-be love story had a dash of tragedy!


Perfect Boy tweet



As soon as we got word on Twitter we instantly went searching for “100% Perfect Boy”¬†along the aisles of Fully Booked BGC, in case he might be there! And here’s who we found hanging out in the Murakami section: a mystery man… with his socks peeking out from the hem of his trousers:




Three questions remain: Was this he? Was he waiting for his “100% Perfect Girl”? And… will our two friends find love in each others’ arms?

To our “100% Perfect Would-Be Couple”: please tweet us in the event that romance ensues.


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