Thinking of joining the Charlie Adlard Zombified Contest? Yes? Awesome! Here’s our round-up of best Zombie Make-Up guides to help you in crafting your entry.

Now before we get into it, remember no single guide can be complete. Our recommendation is to mix the different tips up to get the perfect balance of what works for you. Got it? Great. So with that in mind, here’s our top picks for zombie make-up tutorials.


AMC’s Official Guide

From AMC, producer of the television version of The Walking dead has their own official Zombie make-up guide here: Unfortunately, AMC’s tips feature “liquid latex,” a not so easily acquired item in Manila.

AMC Official

WikiHow’s “How to Look Like A Zombie.”
From Packed with lots of practical tools like under-eye concealer (a department store item), WikiHow has assembled a pretty complete, rotten-head to missing-toe guide. Our favorite tip? “Go outside and roll around in dirt. Try and find some mud and roll in it.”


Film Riot’s 6 Experiments with Fake Blood
The wacky boys at Film Riot did their own round up focusing completely on fake blood manufacturing using almost completely all kitchen items. They experiment with 6 different methods of making fake blood, to see the pros and cons of each recipe. Peanut butter, dish washing liquid, and corn syrup, every ingredient that they use is easily available at your local supermarket.

Just a word of warning, the video below contains violence and scary images… but then again, so does The Walking Dead.

Bipolar Josh and Six Ways to Make Fake Blood… by filmriotdist

And that’s it! Don’t forget to get your Zombified entries in by the end of April! Up for grabs is a chance to be one of the first in line at the book signings, OR a signed copy of The Walking Dead Vol. 1: Days Gone Bye, OR the best yet: lunch with Charlie Adlard himself!

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