We’ve recently been posting sneak peeks into the comics you will be able to pick up this Free Comic Book Day at Fully Booked. Our first entry included all the comics we think the kids are going to find awesome. And for this entry, we are doing the reveal on some titles we think are going to be heavy crowd favorites, including DC and Marvel’s top offerings, some Archie, The Simpsons, and more. A little fun fact: over 50 different titles will be up for grabs this weekend, but these Gold Books are definitely the front runners that people will have their eye on:


1. Archie





Last year, the FCBD Archie comic was all the rage, with kids both young and old hearkening to the call of Riverdale’s favorite redhead! We expect nothing less this year, with an issue that not just boasts an FCBD t-shirt-clad Archie Andrews flanked by his best girls Betty and Veronica, but (almost!) 100 pages of the timeless coming of age fun that the Archie franchise has never failed to give us!


2. Bongo Comics Free-for-All!



Another big mover at FCBD is the Bongo Comics Free-for-All!, featuring Springfield’s first family, The Simpsons:

Bart and Milhouse seek superheroic origin stories by attempting to acquire ‘accidental’ superpowers…and learn that with trying to obtain great power comes great irresponsibility! Plus: Bart and Prof. Frink become trapped in between dimensions when a science demonstration goes awry, and C. Montgomery Burns takes us on a guided tour through the bowels of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant! (Taken from the Free Comic Book Day official website.)


3. Avatar



The Avatar: The Last Airbender cover has not just the well-loved Nickelodeon cartoon gracing the cover, but also fan favorite Hellboy (well, Itty Bitty Hellboy) waiting to be discovered in its precious pages as he battles the enemy Rasputin. As a bonus, the lucky folks who get to pick up this comic get a bit of Juice Squeezers action, too!

4. Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel



This one is Marvel’s top offering this FCBD:

In an all-new story by award-winning writer Brian Michael Bendis and acclaimed artist Nick Bradshaw, the Guardians of the Galaxy welcome Venom and Captain Marvel to the team for the launch of a not-to-be-missed death-defying epic! PLUS: Writer Dan Slott lays the foundation for 2014’s top secret Spider-Man event that will rock the Wall Crawler’s world forever!


5. The New 52 Futures End by DC



Futures End


Yup, you saw it right—that is The Dark Knight, Batman Beyond featuring prominently on the cover of DC Comics’ Gold Book this FCBD. An ultra-destructive, futuristic, apocalyptic battle with Batman on the front lines does sound like a recipe for fun, now, doesn’t it?


6. Transformers vs GI Joe




Yes, you heard it right—Transformers vs GI Joe. Two of the greatest toy franchises ever locking arms in combat! Fanboys, get ready for a good time!


7. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers




Does this really need an introduction? Don’t the MMPR already have awesome woven into their genetic makeup? It’s been over 20 years since these colorful world-savers burst onto the scene in 1993, and fans have been waiting quite a while to see how they take to the printed page. Well, here they are, all six of them, with an all original, never-before-seen story.


8. Rise of the Magi




This Gold Book from Image Comics looks like it’s gonna be good:

Asa Stone, a young guard at the gates of our reality, has seen a truth, a truth meant to be hidden and never to be seen by anyone. Ever. With his life abruptly turned into a shattered ruin, Asa finds himself on the run with nothing but a terrible secret and a list seven names. Seven magicians, sorcerers, thieves, and killers that can be neither trusted nor believed and yet stand as the only weapon man has against an unstoppable evil. 

More on the Free Comic Book Day official website.


We are so excited to have everyone over for FCBD 2014! It’s going to be a grand time with not just free comics, but also the participation of some amazing comic artists. Just a reminder: we can’t guarantee that all of these books will be available at all branches, nor that everyone will get exactly the comics they expect, given the popularity of the event. For more details on Free Comic Book Day 2014 at Fully Booked, click here.

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