In an exclusive Fully Booked eZine interview, we learned some awesome things about our recent guest, artist of The Walking Dead, Charlie Adlard!




1. Charlie began reading comics when his dad brought home the first issue of The Mighty World of Marvel back in 1972, which included Spiderman, The Hulk, and Fantastic 4.




2. Speech bubbles weren’t a thing for him yet when he was six or seven years old. He would say the dialogue out loud as he drew his stories! It wasn’t until he was 11 or 12 that he began drawing his comics with actual panels.

3. Charlie is a self-taught artist. There were no comic art courses or anyone doing that professionally in his area, so Charlie had to teach himself.

4. At a young age, Charlie knew that he wanted to draw comics for a living but didn’t know he could actually get paid for it!

5. For him, the hardest part of drawing comics is the pressure of the deadline.

6. His artistic influences include Michael Golden, Alex Toth, and Bernie Fuchs, to name a few.

7. He is a big fan of classic American illustration and French comic books!

8. He likes playing the drums or watching a movie when he is not drawing.




9. He has a band called Cosmic Rays. You can find their Facebook page right here!

10. He usually listens to BBC Radio 6 while he is drawing. His taste in music is pretty eclectic.

11. He is currently reading the comic series Lazarus.

12. His top three favorite comic books of all time are From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell, Obelix and Co. by Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, and Why I Hate Saturn by Kyle Baker.

13. This quote: “The thing about zombies is that you can escape them with a casual stroll.”

14. Some facts about his characters:

  • Favorite character to draw: Ezekiel
  • Least favorite character to draw: Carl (to make him look his age is a very tricky thing!)
  • Favorite characters: Michonne and Andrea
  • Character he is most proud of: Michonne
  • Favorite cover: Issue 63, Footprints in the Snow

15. He confirms that Daryl will not be in the comics. Sorry, Norman Reedus fans!

16. His favorite storyline is the one that involves The Hunters.

17. Unlike most artists, he keeps his workplace neat and tidy!

18. He is a vegetarian.

19. He enjoys a love-hate relationship with Doctor Who and his favorite Doctor is Eleven!

20. He loves his geeky shirts! On the first day of his Philippine signing, he wore a Monty Python t-shirt and on the second, a Storm Trooper one.

21. He donated P100,000 to the GMA Foundation for the Typhoon Yolanda relief efforts! (Thank you, Charlie!)




22. His advice to budding comic book artists is to keep attending conventionsand meeting fellow fans and editors. He says that while you could post your art on the internet, it is a different experience meeting fellow artists and professionals and asking them for their opinions.

23. Comic Odyssey at the Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street branch has a zombie sketch on their window that Charlie drew the other day! Come and check it out!


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