Later this week, The Fault in Our Stars movie adaptation will open in theaters throughout the country. To say the story is popular would be an understatement. Until now, two and a half years after its initial release, the title is still one of our best-selling ones. What is it about John Green’s tale of young love lost that makes the whole world unite in their devotion for it? What is it about Hazel and Augustus’ story that stays with readers?

During the Fully Booked Junior Book Crew (JBC) sessions this past summer, we asked some of the participants about what books changed their lives. Unsurprisingly, The Fault in Our Stars was one of the titles that was mentioned multiple times. Here are short passages from three of the JBC members and why they love the book. Do you love the book for the same reasons? What do you love about The Fault in Our Stars? 


From Casey: 

The book that changed my life was The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Yes, I know, very mainstream of me, but hey, it’s mainstream for a reason. People don’t give five-star reviews just because it’s popular.

The Fault in Our Stars changed my life simply because after reading this book, I felt like I wanted more. There was this beautifully heartbreaking feeling of wanting to feel again. I’ve read other books before, but nothing made me feel like what I felt while reading this. It opened another world for me, one where I could live a thousand lives and fall in love with people that don’t exist. The Fault in Our Stars was the beginning of my ‘fiction addiction’.




From Maia: 

One book that changed my life was The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. It told me that every second of your life should be appreciated and lived to its best, because there will be a time when you and your loved ones won’t have one another. Before I read it, I took a lot of moments for granted. I read Hazel and Augustus’ story, and I realized that to them every minute was important, and that these should be important to me as well.

I try to live my life to the fullest, because I want to make the time I have count, like Hazel’s and Augustus’ did. It also told me that in life there are little “infinities” that you will want to keep with you forever and that you will treasure. You just have to notice them when they come. I’m thankful to John Green for writing this book.




From Ysabel:

The book that changed my life was The Fault in our Stars by John Green. It inspired me by making me think about how strong I could be throughout my life. It changed me also by helping me learn more about what other people are struggling with. I made new friends who read the book too. I learned new words and how to use them.  It inspired me to work hard to reach my dreams. It changed my life by helping be more confident of myself. It changed my life by inspiring me too strive more and believe. In this way, I can say I am more confident than I was before and it made me a better person.



The Fully Booked Junior Book Crew is a summer workshop that focuses on reading, writing and creative play with book lovers between 11-16 years old. If you’d like to be part of the next one and are in that age range, check back with us in February-March 2015! We recruit during those times.

The Fault in Our Stars opens in theaters in the Philippines on June 5, 2014. The book is available in paperback at Fully Booked stores for P399.

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