Congrats to our ‘Think Like A Freak Challenge’ winners!

The correct answer to the challenge, based on the case stated in Think Like A Freak is that you should shoot the ball to the center. Indeed, as our participants observed, the goalkeeper stays center only 2% of the time. Anywhere in the center, really. We just added the elevation factor to the challenge because we wanted to see you think out the problem and hear your reasoning.



think like a freakThe problem is actually more textured. For example, if everybody started shooting center, the goalkeepers of the world would adjust and start staying center more often. Make sure to read the book to find out more!


Randomly selected winners from all the correct answers are:

1.) Anna Margarita Natividad
2.) Mikhael Glen Borja Lataza

Great job, Anna and Mikhael!


Additionally, Neil Negrite has been selected for best/most-freak-thinking explanation and will be taking home a free copy of Think Like A Freak as well. Here’s Niel’s comment.




Neil, we loved that you really tried to explore every possibility, such as the chances of the goalkeeper reversing direction, mid-save. Not sure how possible that really is, but it’s cool that you considered it.

To all three winners: Fully Booked will be emailing you right away with instructions on how to claim your prize.

Thanks for playing!

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