The Fully Booked Junior Book Crew (JBC) is a summer program with reading and writing workshops for children ages 11-16. The participants also try their hand at in-store tasks and helping out with social media updates.

Here are some of the book spine poems they made during the workshop! We were more than impressed by their storytelling prowess using only titles. 🙂 Hope you enjoy them! 🙂

Many of the book spine poems were about love!

Sammie D

Pia (2)

Marj Ange Camille Gita (4)

Klauds (6)

Grace (2)Casey (6)


The participants also found it easy enough to make scary book spine poetry! With the abundance of supernatural literature, we can understand why:

Sam G Poem (2)

Reece (11)

Jolie (9)Bettina (3)


Eventually, we challenged them to come up with something that wasn’t scary or about love. They came up with some funny poetry!

Maia (7)

Sean Coby (1)

Maia (3)


They also showed us that they could get serious. Here are two of the book spine poems made from the history section.

Sean Coby (13)


Andre (7)


And last, but not the least, the participants also composed an uplifting reminder, perfect for the start of any week:

Sean Coby (3)


Have you tried to make book spine poetry before? Send us your photos by tweeting us @_FullyBooked! 🙂



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