1) Have you been surprised with the way The Selection series has found such a big international audience? What was it like going on international tours and getting to meet fans from around the world?

It’s probably one of the coolest bonuses of writing the series. Once I had my deal and knew I’d get my books published at all, I was thrilled! Then when more and more countries picked it up, I was just plain giddy. It’s fun getting copies of the books back in other languages and knowing people all over the world are reading them.

And, as someone who really loves being a fan of things, it’s always cool to meet fans from other countries. In some places, like France, they’re very chill, but then in Brazil, you can feel the excitement the second you walk into the room. So it’s fun seeing the different ways people express their love for something.

2) What’s the best way for you to get into writing mode (music, mood, snacks, etc.)?

I do listen to a lot of music! I make playlists for my books, so having music going is very helpful. I also like going through emails and twitter and things like that beforehand. I try to get the distracting things out of the way and then sit and write. Also, I need Coke Zero and usually Wheat Thins nearby.

3) Can you tell us a few of your favorite reads (or what you’re reading now)?

I read Code Name Verity recently and really enjoyed that, and I’m also in love with The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender.



Kiera Cass is the author of The Selection Series: The Selection, The Elite and The One.  All her books are available at Fully Booked, and you can follow her on Twitter @kieracass.

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