During the Fully Booked Junior Book Crew (JBC) sessions this past summer, we asked some of the participants about what books changed their lives. Here’s an entry from Isabelle, about The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare.


There are a lot of books that helped shaped the person I am today. Choosing among these titles wouldn’t feel right to me since one book doesn’t contain everything I am. Though in this essay, I have painfully narrowed down one book: The Mortal Instruments. (Please forgive me Harry Potter and Hunger Games series, which had a hand in my transformation.)

The series contains a lot of demonology, supernatural creatures and angst romance. The book uses some Christian terms and Biblical verses (e.g. Lilith’s children, Angel Raziel, Nephilim) so it’s an interesting read. The series, The Mortal Instruments, changed how I see the things around me. Cassandra Clare has opened my imagination to come out and color my mundane life with angels and demons, vampires and wolves, Shadowhunters and warlocks. Her books had me believing again in the creatures that may or may have not walked this earth in the years before. I was crushed to know all the fictional characters of my childhood really didn’t really exist in real life.

Before I used to hate stories that had monsters and were intended to scare people, but now I could read her books without all the unnecessary horror some people might put in stories involving the supernatural and fairy tale.

The story makes me less afraid of the creatures that roam the night and the characters’ challenges and conflicts moulded me into becoming this strong, protective, and passionate person that I am now. Some of the characters I can sympathize and wish I had someone like them in my family. They all made me brave and not fear to venture into the dark light of my life. Because I know I’m not alone. Not anymore.


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