1. How much fun did you have getting to craft a new story in the Wizard of Oz world? Have you always been a big fan?

I loved going to Oz. I was obsessed as a kid with the books and the movie. Baum had me at munchkins! But he didn’t stop there. Good witches and flying monkeys, a Cowardly Lion and a Tin Man…the world is just saturated with wonder.

As a writer and a fan, I was a little scared at first to take on such beloved ground, but once I started down the Yellow Brick Road I couldn’t stop. Having the perspective of a girl from our time going to Oz was my starting point. Amy Gumm doesn’t have the same innocence that Dorothy began with and Oz itself is a darker, twistier place.

2. Can you share one of your favorite scenes to write from the book?

I’d have to say the first time Amy meets Dorothy. It’s just a delicious moment. Amy doesn’t know it’s going to be her mission to take down Dorothy yet. And Amy doesn’t know her own power yet. Dorothy’s at the height of her evil and gaining more every day, but she senses Amy is a threat even then. When they meet again, things are very, very different.

3. Have you traveled anywhere internationally? Do you have a list of places you hope to visit?

I spend way too much time in my writing cave. I need to go everywhere! When I have a break from Dorothy, I think I am overdue for a trip. First stop Paris. Or Florence. Or London…



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