This week, Lucy celebrates her 4th year with Fully Booked! Join her online celebration below as she tries to find out what books you like to recommend! 


“What should I read next?” is not only one of the questions that I am always tweeted, but also one of the most harrowing questions I have to answer for myself. There is always a plethora of stories to choose from: from the pains and joys of being a young adult, to the political anguish of a hero or heroine, to the plight of a middle-aged man or woman (and to many many more story lines).

“What are you in the mood for right now?” is always my follow up, whether to answer this question for myself or for others. Is it comedy that you want? Or drama? Or love? Or nonfiction?

As hard as it may be to choose, there’s always an answer we can give – because there’s always a story that has touched us in the last few days, or a story on our minds at that particular moment. So in an attempt to celebrate the stories that have touched us recently (and to make finding stories a little easier for us), I hope you can join my little online birthday celebration!


  1. Share a photo on Twitter or Instagram of 10-12 titles you’d like to recommend to others to read. What are the last 10 books you read? Or what are your 10 favorite books of all time? What are the most underrated books on your shelf? Anything goes, as long as you think other people should consider it for their TBR piles!
  2. Include a short explanation of the books in your caption. Who are you recommending this to? What do these books have in common? Why these books?
  3. Make sure you add the hashtag #top10forlucy to the caption of your photo, so that everyone following the campaign can find a title or two for themselves!
  4. On Friday, August 1, 2014, at 12:00 nn, we will be randomly selecting 5 entries to win anonymous book bundles! These book bundles are made up of 10 titles each, all with books from various genres.
  5. After this deadline, we still encourage you to share your #top10forlucy books! We will still include them in an album of photos on Facebook, and we will regram some of them too! 🙂

We’re really excited to see your top 10 piles, and to discover more stories to devour! Make this birthday celebration awesome! 🙂

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