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The phrase ‘required readings’ is a familiar one – a list of never ending book titles, dates, and pages in a syllabus, given on the first day of Lit class or the last day of summer break.
Some have gone on reading what is required without truly reading them. Some have met the book of their lives in those readings and have never looked back. But most of us go through life wishing there might be another chance to revisit them. After all, there’s nothing like a fresh pair of eyes and a glass full of new life experiences to make that next reading, richer and more special.

Here’s your second chance. We’re starting a book club and you’re invited.

The Revisiting Required Literature Book Club (RRL) is a venue for you to discus, rave, rant, and ramble about books you might have heard of before.

You’ll be given book titles a month before the meet date to peruse, re-read, or read it for the first time. After that, we’ll set up a date to talk about what that odd, mysterious character did, or the story’s underlying themes, even conspiracies – the details have never been clearer. The table is open for ideas and even more so for friends to meet and gather.

The first session is happening on August 21, Thursday, also a holiday. So there’s no excuse for your bookish self to come by and talk about that wonderful classic by F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby. Who is he? And why is he so great? Why is it considered a great American classic? No one can be the bee’s knees without reason. Share your thoughts and let’s find out together.

We’ve invited the dapper John-D Borra to moderate the discussion. And if you feel you want to look dapper yourself, than by all means come in your flappers. Or not. After all, it’s Gatsby’s world we’re going in to and we’re merely the party guests.

Only 40 seats are available, and currently, they are all reserved. However, you can still come and try to get a slot in case some registered participants are unable to attend (at your own risk!). If you feel like you’d want to moderate a book title, you can email us at

Did we mention RRL’s next book title also goes on sale that day? The title for next month’s discussion, Animal Farm, goes on sale with 10% off on cash purchases and 5% off for card, only on August 21. The Great Gatsby will also be available for discount on that day.
So read, dear reader. It’s your year and Fully Booked is there with you.



The Great Gatsby Discussion
By RRL Book Club
7:00 pm August 21, 2014
The Forum, 4/L Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street

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