During the Fully Booked Junior Book Crew (JBC) sessions this past summer, we asked some of the participants about what books changed their lives. Here’s an entry from Sammie, a founding member of Demigods Philippines, about the Percy Jackson series.

This is part 3 of 3 entries dedicated to our favorite demigod! Read Part 1 by Marj and Part 2 by Bettina. 


When I was little, I was never really interested in reading. I always thought books are just the same with one another. I was one of those kids who preferred watching television over reading books. But all that changed when Iwent in Fully Booked and picked up this one book my friend had been bugging me about Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.

Percy Jackson2

“Why is she making me read this?” or “Why will I care about a guy named Percy?” I thought. As I flipped through the pages, a big and great adventure unfolded and formed in my mind. It was so grand that I thought I couldn’t handle it. It was very different from what I had heard of before, with its bizarre concepts like how people could actually be related to the Greek gods and goddesses from the past. The adventure and action in this book is great too, and when I read it, my mind couldn’t help but create pictures in my head about events I never really experienced at that time.

I liked how the main characters are very relatable since they were somewhat my age. They weren’t famous or popular kids since each of them were like Percy, who started from humble beginnings. They were shy, secluded and society would think they’re different which makes them ‘losers’ but despite they shook those negative comments off and stayed as themselves. It made me think that being different is okay as long as you are yourself. Being who you are is the best person who you can be.

Since I was very hooked on the book, I immediately read the rest of the series to follow and I became a fangirl for this series. This lead me to meeting new people who liked the series as much as I did as well. From there, I took the advantage to creating a community of Demigods here in the Philippines and we are known as ‘Demigods Philippines’ and from then on I continue to encourage people to read it and meet more people who read it as well.

Six years ago, I read this book and I thank myself for actually bothering to pick this up because it has taught me many things, inspired me to read a wider range of books and brought me to where I am today. I do not regret anything.


The Fully Booked Junior Book Crew is a summer workshop that focuses on reading, writing and creative play with book lovers between 11-16 years old. If you’d like to be part of the next one and are in that age range, check back with us in February-March 2015! We recruit during those times

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