On August 21st, Fully Booked held its first session of the Revisiting Required Literature Club (RRL). Book lovers from different walks of life made their way to the Bonifacio High Street store’s Forum to discuss a well-loved classic, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Here’s a peek into what happened.


“[Whether] you agree or disagree with it,” said discussion moderator, John-D Borra, “if you truly love literature, you will always find something that stands out as something of quality despite the huge morass of mediocrity you see before you.”




Probably the coolest thing about Borra’s group moderation style was how he encouraged people to interact with one another and unpack thoughts or opinions. This made the event a good venue to make new friends. Using a small foam soccer ball John-D explained how he wanted to drive conversation among participants. They threw the ball back and forth around the room to encourage discussion between participants.

Memorable passages from Gatsby┬áserved as discussion points as part of the event’s handouts. Going around the group, people were able to share their thoughts about the book as a whole and about the personal significance of different phrases or passages. Cleverly, John-D deliberately brought an insufficient number of handouts so that people would have to share and discuss ideas with new friends!



The lively discussion went on for over an hour and as the participants filed out of the room at the end of the session, we got to ask a young woman named Karen why she came that night and what she thought of the club. “We’re Lit majors,” she said referring to her companion, Raffy. “But we still wanted to come here because it’s fun.”




The next RRL session will cover Animal Farm by George Orwell, and will be moderated by John-D’s lovely wife, Tina. If you’d like to attend, make sure you follow Fully Booked on Facebook and Twitter to get updates as the date approaches.


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