They are easy to remember, quick to tell, and have great moral value. A pretty famous one would be the story of The Tortoise and The Hare. Slow and sure trumps fast and reckless. What’s your favorite fable?


You’ll recognize a first person POV when the story is experienced by an “I.” The “I” may be a main character who causes the turn of events such as Jane Eyre or an uninvolved “fly on the wall” such as Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby.


Commonly known as the poems that do not rhyme or do not look like poems, free verse works do not follow a set scheme or structure. Instead, they reflect a natural pattern of speech.

This style became popular in the nineteenth century as Blake and Dickinson’s works tended to be more amorphous compared to the constricted forms of the old school Shakespeare and Milton. In the twentieth century, the Beat poets churned out a lot of free verse in the speakeasies. If you want a more contemporary sample, you can check out the poetry of Tumblr queen Lang Leav.

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