“Hey, do you guys still have a music section?”

“Yeah! The big selections are generally in the Fort and Alabang, but I’m pretty sure Greenhills has one too. What are you looking for?”

“Jazz records.”

“Yeah? How’d you get into that?”

“I play guitar. And I read in Guitar Magazine that the jazz guitarists, they were greatest. Wes Montgomery, John mclaughlin, Pat Metheny. Those guys. Listen to them.”

“You have a favorite record?”

“(Miles) Davis’ Kind of Blue and — Whats that Brubeck record? Time Out!”

“So you’re in Ateneo now.”


“Where were you before Ateneo?”

“Ateneo! High school. So I’ve really just grown up in this area. It’s nice to see a place grow with you, but sometimes I don’t know if I should trust my own memory. Like, I just cannot remember what this block was before it became Regis!”

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