‘Tis the season of spooking and being spooked!

Yes, everyone’s favorite horrifying holiday is just a few despicable days away; and we your friends at Fully Booked are here to make sure you get as much of a fright out of this Halloween as is humanly—and un-humanly, (muwahahaha!)—possible!

We’re talking about Halloween Comic Fest, creepy autumnal spawn of Free Comic Book Day (which happens every May). And to get you biting your nails in anticipation, we would like to unveil three solid titles that will be dropping this weekend at Fully Booked!


1. Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight

Batman HCF


First on the list is a terrifically wicked cover from our friends at DC Comics, with none other than the Dark Knight himself at the forefront of the story, taking on dark forces on the darkest night of the year. Enough darkness for you, already?

Here’s what halloweencomicfest.com has to say: “Taking place on the most evil of holidays, Halloween, the Dark Knight Detective confronts his deepest fears as he tries to stop the madness and horror created by Scarecrow, the Mad Hatter, the Penguin, Poison Ivy and the Joker.”

We expect that this will be a fan favorite!


2. Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1


Secret Wars HCF

Here’s what halloweencomicfest.com has to say about this classic re-issue:

Experience the ground-breaking 1984 classic again—or for the very first time! Under the watchful eye of an all-powerful being, the Marvel Universe’s greatest heroes and vilest villains are transported away to a mysterious planet known only as ‘Battleworld.’ The only way to escape? Destroy their enemies! Now, Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, Wolverine and more must battle to the death against Ultron, Galactus, Kang, Doctor Doom and many more! Don’t miss the first issue in the genre-defining crossover that changed the Marvel Universe forever!

3. Marvel Comics #1

Marvel HCF

All you nostalgia junkies are gonna get a kick out of this one. Including reprinted material from the comic that started it all for Marvel 75 years ago, this one contains “the very first appearance of two titanic Marvel mainstays—android hero, the original Human Torch, and aquatic anti-hero, Namor, the Sub-Mariner.”

This one is certainly worth waiting in line for—and long as the line can get at HCF, we can assure you that it won’t take you another 75 years to get your clutches on this special anniversary re-print by Marvel.

Stay tuned to the the Fully Booked blog for the reveal of some kid-friendly titles for the young ‘uns, coming this #HCF2014!

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See you this weekend!

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