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November going on to December and the indies continue. See what’s in store as we usher in the holidays.

November 28 6:30pm


Q&A with Armando ‘Bing’ Lao

DUKIT poster


Dukit, the Kapampangan word for woodcarving, is centered on the region’s culture; its arts, crafts, food, music, values and traditions. It is the latest film of acclaimed screenwriter Armando “Bing” Lao and an official entry to the 2013 MMFF Independent Film category. The story is about a celebrated Kapampangan sculptor, embittered by how the father abandoned his family for another woman. It takes him years and success to learn to forgive the old man.

The film stars Presidential Merit Awardee for Ecclesiastical Art Willy Layug, Bor Ocampo, Raquel Villavicencio, Mark Grisworld, Thea Lelay, Bambalito Lacap, Rhea Lim and Grace Martinez.

Directed by Armando Lao

Screenplay by Armando Lao; Mary Honeylyn Joy Alipio

Produced by Brillante Ma. Mendoza

November 28 9:00pm




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Time has a way of blurring history. Lives become numbers and memories become haze. On September 23, 1972, Martial Law was declared in the Philippines. For two decades, the country was plunged into darkness as the oldest democracy in Asia turned into a dictatorship.

It began with fear, then a collective stupor. As atrocities against institutions and the citizens mounted, every facet of Filipino society got corrupted by violence and greed. Families were torn apart; faith turned into fanaticism and civil society turned into rebellion.

Bukas na Lang Sapagkat Gabi Na, last year’s winner (Best Picture and Best Screenplay) of CinemaOne Originals Digital Film Festival, is a film about four interconnected stories during the height of the Martial Law crackdown against rebels. The palpable aura of fear leaves Filipinos in a state of paralysis, unable or unwilling to move until the dark cloud of history passes over.

Starring Raul Morit Lemuel Silvestre Maria Veronica Santiago Hector Macaso Jack Yabut Dan De Guzman Herald Chavez Peewee O’Hara Jerry O’Hara Emlyn Olfindo Santos Paolo Domingo Flor Salanga Renerio Concepcion Max Celada Angelo Hulip

Directed by Jet Leyco

Screenplay by Norman Wilwayco and Jet Leyco

Producers Cinemaone Originals and Hubert Bals Fund

November 29 4:00pm


Q&A with Carlo Obispo

purok 7


Purok 7 still


Purok 7 is an official entry to the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival 2013.

Diana and her little brother go through life and childhood in a country farm village particularly called “Purok 7” (Zone 7) where they experience the familiar, delightful ride that is growing up, along with the challenges that they are forced to deal with despite their young age. For one, their father is living with another woman in the area while their mother is working abroad. Set against a backdrop of laid-back living and copious optimism characteristic of country life, Purok 7 is an endearing tale of innocence and reality, and the wonderfully inescapable bonds of community.

Starring Krystel Valentino, Miggz Cuaderno, Julian Trono, Arnold Reyes, Angeli Bayani

Written and Directed by Carlo Obispo

November 29 6:30pm


Q&A details T.B.A.




A morality tale about Mabuti, a healer who looks at life positively despite her poverty. Everything changes, however, when she accidentally finds a bag containing a huge stash of money. The five million pesos could bring an end to her family’s problems. But is the solution that simple or is it loaded with complications?

An entry to the 1st Cine Filipino Film Festival (under PLDT-Smart Foundation, Studio 5 (cinema arm of TV-5), Unitel, etc.)

Starring Ms. Nora Aunor, Sue Prado, Mara Lopez, Ama Quimbao, Arnold Reyes

Written and Directed by Mes De Guzman

Producers CineLarga & Sampay-Bakod Productions

November 29 9:00pm



EKSTRA-loida with the other extras reacting to a scene_0


A socio-realist drama-comedy film, it follows a seemingly usual day in the life of LOIDA MALABANAN (Vilma Santos) as she embarks on yet another shooting day of a soap opera as an extra. As the shoot goes on, we get a glimpse of the truth in the ruling system of the production as well as the exploitation of the marginalized laborers like her.

Starring Ms. Vilma Santos, Marlon Rivera, Vincent de Jesus, Ruby Ruiz, Tart Carlo, with the special participation of Piolo Pascual, Pilar Pilapil, Cherie Gil, Cherry Pie Picache, Richard Yap, and Marian Rivera

Directed by Jeffrey Jeturian

Written by Zig Dulay, Antoinette Jadaone & Jeffrey Jeturian

Producers Atty. Joji Alonso, Ferdinand Lapuz

November 30 4:00pm onwards


December 2 6:30pm


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ESTELA (Yeng Constantino) is a tomboyish, young woman caught in the crisis of her quarter-life. After graduating college with a degree in sociology, her life path has led her away from her dreams of being a singer-songwriter and into the call center industry where she has been trapped since. Unmotivated and always late for work, an openly gay senior agent, TREVOR (Felix Roco), is assigned to help guide her back on the right track. As they grow closer, Estela begins to develop romantic feelings for him creating a complicated, unconventional relationship between them. When Trevor breaks up with his boyfriend and begins to question his own wants, Estela is caught in a dilemma on whether or not to act on her hidden feelings.

Starring Yeng Constantino + Felix Roco

Writer/Director  SIEGE LEDESMA


Executive Producer RONALD ARGUELLES

December 2 9:00pm


Q&A with Baby Ruth Villarama

jazz in Love Poster (1) sm



A subtle though powerful political and cultural story hides behind a sweet romance as Jazz, a charming young Filipino, works to join his fiancé in Germany. Jazz in Love uses unobtrusive handheld camera work to tell Jazz’s story, taking the viewer along for beautiful sunrises and urban cultural celebrations in Davao in the southern Philippines. Jazz and fiancé Theo struggle against culture, family, and tradition as well as the thousands of miles that separate them. Jazz must learn German well enough to pass the exam required for a fiancé visa, but the process seems to require much more than it does for heterosexual couples; meanwhile, Theo is reluctant to give up his bachelorhood. As Jazz awaits Theo’s visit to the Philippines to ask for his hand in marriage, we are made privy to the judgements and gentle intolerance of Jazz’s family and community. Theo finally arrives to meet Jazz’s family and culture, but can their relationship survive their differences? —Kat Hughes

With Theodor Rutkowski, Ernesto Tigaldao, Jr.

Written & Directed by Baby Ruth Villarama.

Photographed by Dexter Dela Peña, Baby Ruth Villarama.

Editing: Chuck Gutierrez

Sound: Mike Idioma

Original Score: Valentin Naguit III 

Executive Producer: Tony Gloria, Chuck Gutierrez 

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