We’re super excited about Free Comic Book Day, coming in just a few days (YES, IT’S THIS SATURDAY, MAY 2!). Are you ready to head to Fully Booked & Comic Odyssey this weekend?


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One of the great things about #FCBD is that, year after year, it welcomes the once would-be comic lovers into this wonderful world! And thanks to a lot of crossover between comics and pop culture, particularly through movies, the transition is now more seamless–and fun–than ever!

First on the #FCBD2015 list of Gold Books is an offering from the ever-growing Marvel Universe, which has enjoyed a lot of attention thanks to a strong big screen presence in films such as The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ironman, Thor, Spiderman, and so on. But in this FCBD2015 title, that very universe faces annihilation!

Prepare yourself for the final days of the Marvel Universe as you know it as the march to the biggest comic event of the year continues! From the ashes of a decimated cosmos rises…Battleworld! Amid the strange, patchwork realm, refugees from thousands of obliterated universes struggle for survival. Even if they can endure the horrors of Battleworld – the home they knew has been destroyed! Time has run out, and the opening salvo of Secret Wars has been fired. But can anything restore the Marvel Universe that once was? (More on freecomicbookday.com)


Secret Wars



Another cult classic is Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club. Back in 1996 (book) and 1999 (movie) this story subversively, and thus aptly–as we all know the first rule of Fight Club!–made waves in pop culture. Now, in 2015, it enters the world of comics in ‘Dark Horse’s most thrilling FCBD to date’. We are sure this will be in demand this weekend!





And who doesn’t enjoy a bit of Doctor Who? The BBC hit program, in its comic form, features THREE(!) time-traveling stories, and a few surprises hidden in its pages:





The All-New, All-Different Avengers blast onto the FCBD scene in this all-ages book that we know will be riding high on the current success of the 2015 feature film, The Age of Ultron:



And to round off our list of pop-culture favorites are the world’s most fearsome fighting team, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, in a book targeted at teens and older readers. Freecomicbookday.com gives us the lowdown:

The Turtles’ final battle with Shredder begins here! This book will take us inside the minds of key characters in the TMNT universe, revealing the epic moments that have led to the present, as well as setting the stage for the biggest storyline yet with all new material!





Just a few days to go until #FCBD2015, and we are getting more excited by the day, as our staff prepares to have you all over at select Fully Booked stores. We invite the most hardcore of comic fans to our Bonifacio High Street store, where the complete selection will be available. If you have your sights set on certain titles, we highly recommend showing up early, as some comics–particularly some of those on this list–will be moving fast!

Please stay in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so that you get updates on FCBD2015 at Fully Booked and Comic Odyssey.

See you there!

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